How to disable Kibana Lens Suggestions bar

As a title, how to disable the Suggestions bar in Kibana Lens? I'm working on huge sets of data and the suggestion bar is slowing down the process. Is there a way to disable it?

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There are some issues you can track for the progress of hiding the suggestion panel: [Lens] Omit "over time" suggestion for expensive configurations · Issue #112229 · elastic/kibana · GitHub (the expensive one) and [Lens] Allow users to not render suggestions · Issue #85518 · elastic/kibana · GitHub (general panel hiding).

Meanwhile the one workaround I can propose, if you're on 7.14 or newer version of Kibana, is to use the new Formula feature in fullscreen. This setup provides a different editor layout which hides the suggestion panel while editing.

This implies you're limited to Formula text-based configuration.

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