Is there a way to stop visualizations from refreshing when editing a Lens?

Hi, I'm using Kibana 7.15. is it possible to tell Kibana to stop refresh visualizations when editing a Lens? It's really slow and seems to affect the UI as I can't edit anything while visualization is refreshing. There should be a way to let me manually refresh the visualization right?

Hi @aqiank ,

are you referring to the suggestion panel or the main visualization there?

If you are using Formula I can suggest to go in expanded mode, which improves performance noticeably, while you can check the progress on this feature: [Lens] Allow users to not render suggestions · Issue #85518 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Hi Marco,

Thanks for the response. I'm referring to both. I often need to edit many things and for every single edit, they keep refreshing and getting the user interface frozen which I have to wait out for seconds. Even when editing the Display name for an axis, which in my opinion shouldn't need to refresh the whole visualization.

I would really like it if it doesn't automatically refreshes as there's no point for me to see the visualizations refreshed when I'm not done editing.

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