Graphs do not load in Kibana dashboard after edit

While working with Kibana 8.14.1, I have noticed a recurring error. When editing visualizations loaded into a dashboard, Kibana gives us the option to edit the chart in Lens, or directly edit it within the dashboard using a sidebar obtained.
Editing the chart in Lens works perfectly and as expected, however if I edit it using the experimental 'Edit visualization' option, after I apply and save my changes to the visualization, the other visualization do not load until I refresh the browser page. Clicking the 'refresh' button no longer works, and only the visualization that was modified is visible.
Is there any fix/solution for this other that always editing visualizations in Lens, or is this a bug, since 'Edit visualizations' is stated to be an experimental feature?

Hi @Varun_Tokas,

Thanks for sharing. Would you be able to submit a bug report on the Kibana GitHub repo with screenshots showing the behaviour you are seeing? That may be the best place to raise this issue and discuss directly with developers.