Reload visualization from the Elasticsearch

I manage my visualizations using a custom plugin.
I set visualisation.visState.aggs from template

Then I update the visualization at the ".kibana" index Kibana application do not reload it till restart.

Is there a way to force reload visualization details or restart the Kibana server from the controller?

@jbudz can u plz shed some light here?


Hey - there's some dependencies here on your version. Older versions of Kibana will put you entirely in angular, and newer versions will wrap you in react, and newer yet will be angular wrapped in react wrapped in a new platform api :).

A good starting point for current versions of Kibana is How to update the state/props of a custom visualisation component after the initial render?.

On the other hand, if you just need to hack together something that works window.refresh() should do. If you want to avoid the whole page refresh, parsing + updating the rison in windows.hash should work too. It's not recommended, but if you need a quick fix.

Restarting the Kibana server and/or dynamically updating kibana.yml isn't something we're doing currently for security reasons. Possibly some settings in the future with protections in place, but nothing ATM.

@jbudz actually I do not update data from the frontend.
It`s completely insecure and silly.

From the frontend, I send the request to the Kibana server plugin
Then I update the document at the .kibana index
I use request.server.plugins.elasticsearch.getCluster('data') to update data.
But, then I changed the data and reload visualization page I have not seen my changes.
I saw the changes only after Kibana restart

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