Is it possible to force Kibana to reload visualisation code?

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Like the title says, is it possible to get Kibana to reload the code for a visualisation ? The vis is part of a dashboard and I'm updating it in response to events within my ingest (logstash) pipeline.
I'm updating the version number along with the code for a vis but the changes aren't being seen unless I manually hit the refresh button on the browser. Is it possible somehow ? Doesn't have to be a neat solution just as long as it could be done automatically.
Anyone got any ideas ? Thanks,

(Joe Fleming) #2

You're updating the JSON document in elasticsearch that defined the visualization? Am I understanding that correctly?

I know that the auto-refresh functionality will update the data points, but I don't think it'll reload the visualization itself. It's not something we ever expected to change programmatically like that. I think the only way to trigger it is, as you point out, refreshing the page.

You could still make this happen automatically with a plugin hack though. In fact, you could probably make something that forced a router update and use that to refresh the page, so you could avoid seeing the Loading indicator all the time.

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