How to disable Zen discovery in Elastic-search 5.5?

As I am running multiple instances of elastic-search on the same server with different versions elasticsearch is trying to form a cluster for which it is searching for different nodes I Don't want that thing to happen so how can I disable the zen discovery for the same.

Not 100% sure on how to turn it off but if you name the "clusters" per instance (set then the different versions should not try to connect.

How to set cluster name?

Set foo in your elasticsearch.yml file

Thank You

Hello, I need to disable this completely because on startup of elastic search this discovery takes a bit of time. I want to save this start up time. Could it be possible that the cluster that have ONLY one node in my case started without trying any discovery for other nodes?

The use case, elastic search is installed on windows and will be started locally using flag "transport.type=local". Additionally, I would like to know if somehow the plugins can also be disabled?

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