How to display a plain text file as it is in Kibana?

Hi Experts,

Is it possible that I can display one plain text file in text/markdown visualization ?So no indexing is required .

So requirement is, I got one email format which I shoot on daily basis . I want to display as it is in Kibana . Any suggestion on this will be highly appreciated .


Whatever solution you use, it sounds like you will need some coding to get information from your email into the markdown.
And the solution you will write will depend on what you want to do, if you want to use a dashboard containing a saved visualisation then there is no easy way around automating it; or you could just have a URL which enable to open the visualisation if you don't mind the text displayed is part of the URL...
Note that any saving inside kibana is an indexing/update operation in .kibana index... So whatever the solution, if you want something saved in Kibana, you are looking at indexing.

From what I can see, the markdown text is actually using GET CGI so it within the URL:
If I create a markdown and enter some text and run it, I can see the URL contains that text so passing the URL with your URL-Encoded text would be a way not to index anything:

Any other way will require indexing (whether in a separate index, or by saving a markdown visualisation which writes or update the data into .kibana index - this is what happens when you save a visualization)

Thank you Julien ,

I like the idea that i can use markdown and show a link there . But my challenge here is this link will further called HTML page , so where I can host this page . I tried to create one html page and paste it in var/www/html path but and in markdown I am using http://loacalhost/test.html . Browser says
{"statusCode":404,"error":"Not Found"}

It is because I have Nginx in front of kibana . Can you suggest how I can achieve this .


Ok maybe this is what you are after:

  1. Save one visualisation per email - and copy the link to each
  2. You would either need to use another web server with index.html containing all the links or you can use a Markdown visualisation like this:

some text for your first link defined below here
some text for your second link defined below here

Then you could use that "index" markdown visualisation in the default kibana dashboard for your users

As I mentioned before, if you save a visualisation, you are indexing in .kibana. But for your users to only see the visualisation they would only need read to .kibana

Awsome thanks.I will give a shot.

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