How to display a "string" metric


I want to display a single string in my dashboard - a hash that represents the commit hash of the repo from which the visualized data was generated.

Ideally I'd like to use the "Metric" visualization, since it's one single big box of text, but it only supports numerical values. Do you have suggestions on how I could achieve this goal?

There is of course markdown, but that is hardcoded text, not fetched from the index.


Hi @tinrik ! The Lens Metric doesn't yet support non-numeric values. You can track the progress of this feature with this issue here: [Lens] Allow non-numeric metrics for metric vis · Issue #137756 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

How would your hash be stored in Elasticsearch? Would it be contained in a single document? You could use a Legacy metric with the Lens "last value" function to retrieve the most recent value.

Let me know if this helps!

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