String in 'Metric' visualization + Timezone issue

Hi list,

  1. Is there anyway to put a string in the 'Metric' visualization? Or any other way to dynamically show a string value in Kibana? One of my fields is a string and describes a property of the dashboard, it would be ideal to show it at the top of the dashboard dynamically with the rest of the dashboard.

  2. How are timezones handled? My ES is getting timestamps of UTC, whereas I am in EST. Kibana is running on a server set to UTC, however, I cant see the data because technically UTC is in the future from EST. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance

Update: Figured out the timezone issue. When ES2 receives the right timestamp with the right time zone, Kibana will translate into the timezone of the client and show accordingly. In this case, even if the @timestamp for ES2 is UTC, Kibana translates it to EST for me when I am working with the data.

Still open on issue #1.


Hi Sukrit,
By the way, you can change Kibana (at least in recent versions) to set it to UTC. Just go to Settings, Advanced, and change dateFormat:tz from "Browser" to "UTC".

If you're simply trying to display text on your dashboard, and assuming the value of that string field isn't changing, the markdown vis could be an option.

Thanks. Yeah I have used Markdown before. In this case though, the text is indeed not changing, but is a field from ES dependent on the default index setup in Kibana. Can that be displayed in a Markdown?


are you reslove it ?
i have the same problem,i want a change string display on the web

Not in Markdown, as it's just a markup language, there's no logic or ES data exposed there.

Metrics are limited to number fields, and it sounds like you're trying to use string data, so Metric vis is out.

I don't think I understand your data structure here. Is this field in every document, or just a single document in the index? Either way, you might be able to use a filter to get the specific record and a table vis to show the field from that document. Unless I'm wildly misunderstanding the intention here...

Well, this is the gist of the situation: We have tons of agents running on devices, each with a string that represents the version. Once we are on a dashboard that show the stats, it would be good to have the version it correlates to.

What I did was create a table and display the string as one of the columns. But it would be good to get one nice large string UI element. I see this is in feature request.

Thanks @Joe_Fleming