Can we fetch date field in metric in kibana visualization. ? I tried but i failed, is there any alternative?

(Amitesh Gautam) #1

I need date field and string filed in metric format. Currently Metric field it is working only for numbers and aggregation functionws

(Tanya Bragin) #2

What do you mean by metric format? Could you provide an example of your ES mapping and a sample document as well as a screenshot of what you're seeing in Kibana vs what you expect?

(Amitesh Gautam) #3

like this there any other way for adding DATE and String field also. Currently this Metric facility is available is only for numbers.

(Tanya Bragin) #4

For dates, you can add them to the Metric widget, but you have to apply an aggregation, such as "min".

For strings, you can use the Markdown widget to display arbitrary text, or the data table, if you want to display string fields, but you'd need to again apply an aggregation to select top values, for instance.

What's your use case?

(Amitesh Gautam) #5

thanks .

but i want this for string field also. I know Markdown Widget. but in Markdown Widget we can not fetch data from index. But in this metric we can fetch data from index. So is there any way.

(Amitesh Gautam) #6

one more question. Can we remove the aggregation function name from column name(like instead of "Sum of PASS" i need only pass, but Sum function should work without showing its name.

for exp:

in table i don't want the aggregation function name.
is there any way to remove the function name from the table .

(system) #7