Can Markdown widget display field value - Example Please

Is there anyway to have a field value return in a markdown widget?

Hey @gregpaskal, the Time Series Visual Builder allows you to display metrics from aggregations in a markdown widget, but there isn't a great way to pull a specific field from a specific document and have it reflected in the markdown. All of Kibana's Visualizations are aggregation based (as that's the real power of Elasticsearch), which might be a limiting factor in what you're trying to accomplish.

@Brandon_Kobel, thanks for your response. I may be struggling with the terminology here so please let me explain further. I do want to display the metrics from filtered data (is that the same as an aggregation?).

I've included a screenshot of a portion of my dashboard that I would like to transition from the current usage of Metrics (x3) into a single, Visual Builder, Markdown object. I've included the filter I am using to the right of each Metric.


What I would like to do is create a single Markdown object that contains the (stacked) results of these three filters. This would make the visualization much easier to manage since three three metrics are all part of the Shared Solutions test results.

Looking forward to your response.

@gregpaskal you should be able to use the Markdown visualization in the Time Series Visual Builder to accomplish this, as long as you aren't doing some type of query which can't be represented with the way that Time Series Visual Builder allows you to build your queries. TSVB implements a different approach to constructing the "queries" to build the Visualizations, I'd recommend playing around with it and if you're struggling to recreate it using the markdown visualization, if you share the configuration of the metric visualization you're trying to recreate using the markdown visualization, I can try to point you in the right direction.

@Brandon_Kobel, well it took some work but the effort was worth it. I've attached a screenshot of the results of my efforts to leverage Time Series - Visual Builder - Markdown to create a much better visualization than I started with. As you can see I now have all the metrics including the project title grouped together in a single visualization. This alone allowed my to take the initial 4 visualization and turn them into 1 visualization. This makes the management of this visualization much easier to work with and I got a whole lot more screen space back for other critical data.

The biggest challenge I had was understanding that Visual Builder can display data in a lot of different formats. I initially thought the setting and options for each format only applied to that format but that's not correct. Some settings for formats become important to other formats as was the case for my markdown entries.

So my markdown code looked like this...

Shared Solutions

{{ executed.label }}: {{ executed.last.raw }}

{{ passed.label }}: {{ passed.last.raw }}

{{ failed.label }}: {{ failed.last.raw }}

which wouldn't have been possible if I hadn't setup the Time Series group properly.

I'm certain a whole class could be devoted to using Visual Builder all in it's own. I still have much more to explore in Visual Builder and I would encourage others to dig further into this tool who want to bring more polish to their dashboards and visualizations.

Thanks again for your coaching @Brandon_Kobel, you helped me take the steps that led to this success.


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I'm glad to hear that you were able to get it to work @gregpaskal, and thanks for sharing your solution here!

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