Displaying a string field in a timeseries markdown widget?

I have a string field with a link that changes, and I'd like to display the latest value in a Markdown widget. I figure a "top hit" would select it, but the only fields in the dropdown are numeric fields.

Is there another way to do it, such as with Timelion? Or do I have to delve into Canvas?

Unfortunately, Time Series Visual Builder doesn't support the top_hits aggregation. That would be a great feature.

Would you like to file an issue in our Github repo? https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues
I can do it on your behalf if you would like, if you file it then you will receive notification when the issue is updated or closed. Let me know :smiley:

wow, that's incredible motivation for filing a ticket. I'll happily do so :slight_smile: be right back with the issue number.

issue 35353.

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