How to display images stored per record in Kibana

Our records contain URLs to images (stored outside of ES). My goal is to be able to ad-hoc filter for records and then see all these images from the records.

The best I've been able to achieve is switching from the Document Explorer back to the 'classic' view, disable truncation by setting "Maximum table cell height" to zero, changing the format of the field to Url with Type image, and then adding that field to a discover result. I have to limit the height in the field for it to not get out of control. This works OK, but I would prefer if the image shown could be clickable which would open the URL in a new tab.

I know images can be displayed in Markdown but I don't know how this could be show multiple records.

Am I missing something? Are there better ideas? Plugins?

Any advice appreciated thank you.

Hi @damonmaria,

Currently, the same field can't be formatted both as a link and as an image. I would recommend to format your original field as an image and create a separate runtime field with the same value and format it as a link. This way you will be able to see both an image and a link for each document in the grid (after adding 2 columns to the grid).

In recent Kibana versions there is a configuration for Row height. Please try with "Auto fit" or "Custom" setting instead of switching to the classic view.

Thanks @jughosta. I upgraded from version 7 to 8.8 and now see the Auto Fit you're talking about. That's much better to not have to revert to the classic view.

Is it possible to add a feature request that image URLs could also be enabled as links too?

Sure, feel free to mention your use case in Kibana repo:

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