How to display the data of the percentage that has been written in a row

(tak) #1

For example, it has been written with the 50% and 70% in the CSV file.
I enter the CVS file in logstash.
Do Kibana will now be displayed in the graph as a percentage?

(tak) #2

Is it possible , or would be impossible ?

(Jon Budzenski) #3

Depending on how exactly you want your graph split up and the fields mapping it can be possible. If the field is mapped as a number, on the Y-axis you could set something like a max/median/average aggregation for example.

(tak) #4

Case log there is only one .
Kibana want the data that 90% of which is described in the log graph of the percentage .
Is it possible?

(tak) #5

If this function is no exist.
Please tell me. this function is nothing.

(Jon Budzenski) #6

If the percentage field is a number it'll be available as a y-axis max aggregation. If it's not a number I can't think of a way to plot that as a number in kibana.

(tak) #7

Thank you for reply !!!
I have stored a number in using the logstash, 'number'.
However , in the Filed of the sidebar , not only can choose geoip.latitude and geoip.geoip.longitude.

(tak) #8

When this problem do not know , I do not make a system .
In this state , I would give up the use of kibana.

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