How to display the search result with nested data

Hi, I am trying to implement search screen using Search UI with Elasticsearch connector. The problem i m facing during displaying search result where the response data contains Json object.

The response from the elasticsearch is like this:

"_source": {

                    "doc": {
                        "year": 2020,
                        "num": 1234,

and in the ResultView.js code to display the year is

                        <span className="sui-result__key">Document</span>{" "}
                                __html: result.doc.year.raw

Please share some tips to display the Json object returned from the response.

Hi @sandhya15

surprisingly this is a little tricky and is an outstanding bug. Nested objects are not rendered when `elasticsearch-connector` is used · Issue #907 · elastic/search-ui · GitHub

One way to do this is you have access to the rawHit within the _meta field, which can be used in the display (when you override the itemComponent)


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