How to display values in "line chart"


Hi all,
I created a line chart to show CPU utilization,I know it could show the value when I click the point of the line,but how to display values automatically along with the line when click the right item(such as Max cpu-total):

I mean I want to get the following result in the red line mark,when I click "CPU_UTIL" int the botton,the values will show along with the line chart :


the kibana version is 4.4.2,elasticsearch is 2.2.1.

(Mark Walkom) #3

I don't think KB can do this at all, you may want to raise a feature request for this on github.

(Spencer Alger) #4

Yeah, Kibana 4 can't do this yet. Track to find out when it gets implemented


thank you two guys. I will trace it~

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