How to do currency conversion in elastic search?

Hi All,
There is an index in which each document contains ItemNumber,Price and TransactionalCurrencyCode(It might vary for each document).

Doc1: Item1,100,USD
Doc2: Item2,100,EUR

Usecase : Sorting has to be done based on the functional Price(for e.g. rupee). Functional currency might vary.

Conversation rate:This information is available on relational database table.
USD to INR : 70
EUR to INR : 80

Do i need to have separate index for conversion rate?
Even if i have separate index for conversion rate, is there a way if i pass the functional currency using script fields to get the conversion rate from the index and then calculate the functional price for my document's price in same search query?
Do i need to do any post processing of the search results?

What are the options available to make this requirement to work in elastic search?

Dhilip G.

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