How to do multiple aggregations in kibana?

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I have multiple date fileds in my kibana index. of which i want to plot my data over two date histogram fields independently to show a trend . i want to do it in a single graph. But kibana does not have option to do more than one aggregation in a single visualization.
Is there any way to do ?

Problem specific Description:
i have bugs as data in my elastic index. in each row there is a filed 'big creation date' and another date field is also there named 'resolved date' .
if bug is not resolved then resolved date is null
i want to plot trend of bugs ,created and resolved over monthly in a single graph.
problem is , if i am choosing creation date as aggregation then it is taking those rows corresponds to creation date , it is not taking resolved date as independent aggregation.
Any other way to solve this problem?

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There's a way to get the data into a single graph in Timelion, you can just do an expression like:

.es(timefield=creation_date) .es(timefield=resolved_date)

That will get you 2 lines, where one has the count of bugs created per date, and the other line has the count of bugs resolved per date.

if bug is not resolved then resolved date is null

Maybe you'll want a 3rd line that queries for the count of open bugs, using

.es(q='NOT _exists_:resolved_date')

Make sure to read the Docs that are in the Timelion app. The .es function has a lot of options that can help your query.

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yes yes!! That helped..Thanks a lot ..i'll explore more about timelion. @tsullivan

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