How to do Pipeline Aggregation in Time Series Visual Builder

How to do pipeline aggregation in Time Series Visual Builder? I got only so far:

but the dropdown options are grayed out for Pipeline Aggregations.
Can you help?

Pipeline aggregations are based on other aggregations, so you need at least two aggregations in the series to create one. Click the blue plus icon in the aggregation row.

Now you can select a pipeline agg in the new row:


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I am trying to find serial difference between current value and one day old value. I saw there's lag option but how do we specify minutes/hours/days/week?

Okay, I was able to get the weekly serial difference by setting interval to 1 hour, and lag to 168 (1 hour * 24 * 7):

But, there's some issue in visualization when I try to zoom in; it clips out part of visualization:

more zooming:

Any idea what's happening?

Here's what I think is what's happening:

As you zoom in you're restricting the time range. In the last graph you provided, the green area is the only part of the graph where data from a week ago is still within your selected time range. Since the data isn't available, it can't compute the serial difference for any time before that green area.

Ah, cool!

But, I feel we should have a way to zoom in without affecting the time range, or lag value should, behind the scene, increase the time range for calculation purpose and show the result from the selected time range only.

Thanks for the help!

Yeah that's not a bad idea, feel free to file a feature request on our Github repo!

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