How to download a old version of es?

I want to download a es6.7, but I can't find the download-url. There is only a lasted version (7.2) of es. Of course I also want to know the method to find the all verision of every plugin.

I'm from China and my English not so good, I hope that someone can help me about my question. I'll be happy too if someone just remind of my syntax error.

Thanks for everyone.

Try to change the url from 7.2 to 6.7

Thank you very very much first.

I found the es7.2 from this html page: []ļ¼Œthen I try to copy the macOS-down-url and get: [], when I change the '7.2' to '6.7', it's return 404.

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You can download all the older releases from

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Thank you very very much!

All I want to say is "WOW!".

This page is acturally best solution for my question! Every software in the world really should learn from es and create a page like this.

Thanks again.

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