How to draw a sketch map of datacenter in Kibana?

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Sorry, I have been searching this topic for a while but got nothing.
Is it possible to draw a sketch map of data center in Kibana?
For example, we have 20 Racks with hundreds of Servers.
Is there any plugin in Kibana to draw this kind of sketch map to monitor all the servers in a real location?
The map would be like a health indicator of all the servers and the administrator can know if there is any server went south and know it's real location in server farm.
I have tried the latest infrastructure feature of kibana 6.5.0, but it's not a real map of what I expected.
Does anyone have the same issue like me? Thanks.

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I don't have an exact example of how to accomplish this, but I have seen folks do similar things with Canvas.

Also check out a recent blog post about an airport security group using Canvas as it should provide inspiration:

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Thanks a lot for your reply and the link you provided.
Canvas is also an option that I have surveyed for this topic.
But I can't find a similar example of it or any kind of template.
It seems I need to make it on my own according to what I need.
Anyway, thanks so much for your information, it helps :slight_smile:

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The following blog posts might be applicable, but are for an older version of the stack.

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Wow, you are the star!
Thanks a lot for this info.
It looks very complicated to achieve that, lol.

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Yes, I recall it took a while to get it right. Might be easier using Canvas, now that it is available.

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