How to enable "Continue as Guest" on Kibana?

I would like to enable "Continue as Guest" on Kibana and have followed the elastic docs but it did not work.

My setup is a Kibana container running on Kubernetes that connects to a backend Elasticsearch. Kibana can start and run without errors. I am also able to log in with a valid user. However, the "Continue as Guest" anonymous access button just does not appear.

My Kibana configmap is as follows:

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  kibana.yml: |
    server.basePath: "/kibana"
	server.rewriteBasePath: "true"
	server.publicBaseUrl: "https://abc/kibana"
	elasticsearch.hosts: "http://xyz:9200"
	    order: 0
	    order: 1
		  username: "user"
		  password: "password"

What other config is missing or incorrect?

Hello @Ong,

Did you create the anonymous user and role? It needs to use a real username and password.

Question: What version are you using? This was introduced in 7.11.

Yes, I created a "guest" account for this purpose. I am using Kibana version 8.3.2 running as a Docker container on Kubernetes. It connects to an Elasticsearch cluster also on 8.3.2 hosted on the ECE platform.

Could you please confirm if you followed all of these steps?

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