Enabling anonymous access


I'm a beginner in using elasticsearch and kibana.
I installed ver. 7.7.

I want to use the function "enabling anonymous access".
I read the above link.

When I tried to use the security function in the kibana... I did following instruction.
[xpack.security.enabled] to [true] in the elasticsearch.yml file and restart
But, I have no idea about default ID and PW, I can't login to the kibana.
How can I do?
I edit kibana.yml file, but it doesn't work for me.

Also, from the document link, my question is...
if I want to anonymous user can read-only, can I set like the following?

username: anonymous_user
roles: read
authz_exception: true

Please, help me to solve this situation.
I just want to know the process of which one first and which one is last.

Thank you!

I quickly searched the discuss forum and found these :

This issue discusses anonymous access to kibana and links to a potential work around - https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/18331
More info here too

hope it helps, plz let us know the logs /exceptions happening...


Thank you for your answer. so sorry to late reply.
My first problem is "install xpack"...
I can't set up security function as I stated.

The kibana built-in user is meant to be used by Kibana server so that it can communicate with Elasticsearch and this is why you configure its value in the kibana.yml file.
For end user, we can using user"elastic"to logon kibana UI and add some new users at the panel with their roles.

The security features provide a role-based access control (RBAC) mechanism, which enables you to authorize users by assigning privileges to roles and assigning roles to users or groups. You can create a superuser to login to see how to access users and roles. You can read about it more here:


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