Enabling anonymous access


I'm a beginner in using elasticsearch and kibana.
I installed ver. 7.7.

I want to use the function "enabling anonymous access".
I read the above link.

When I tried to use the security function in the kibana... I did following instruction.
[xpack.security.enabled] to [true] in the elasticsearch.yml file and restart
But, I have no idea about default ID and PW, I can't login to the kibana.
How can I do?
I edit kibana.yml file, but it doesn't work for me.

Also, from the document link, my question is...
if I want to anonymous user can read-only, can I set like the following?

username: anonymous_user
roles: read
authz_exception: true

Please, help me to solve this situation.
I just want to know the process of which one first and which one is last.

Thank you!

I quickly searched the discuss forum and found these :

This issue discusses anonymous access to kibana and links to a potential work around - https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/18331
More info here too

hope it helps, plz let us know the logs /exceptions happening...