I'm auto-logged-in as my anonymous user and cannot log in as administrator anymore

I added the following to my kibana.yml for the sake of embedding visualizations, but now when I log in to the Kibana web portal, I'm auto-logged-in as dashboard_viewer and cannot log out or choose to log in as the elastic admin account. How can I fix this? Thanks!

      order: 0
        username: "dashboard_viewer"
        password: "[password]"

xpack.security.sameSiteCookies: "None"


See example here

You need to add the basic auth in as well

  basic.basic1:       <!-- This is the normal login
    order: 0  
  anonymous.anonymous1:  <!-- This is the anonymous login
    order: 1
      username: "test"
      password: "askldjfhaslkdjf1654

That did it. I figured it was something simple like that. Thanks!

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