Anonymous/Auto authentification in Kibana


I'm using a local 1 cluster 2 nodes 7.1.1 ELK setup with xpack security enabled on elasticsearch.
What I want to do is setting up an auto-authentification or an anonymous access in order for the user to directly arrive on Kibana but as a read-only user, and then let him the possibility to login as a superuser in order to manage the data in the cluster.

I tried to follow the instruction on this tutorial. Here is my ES setup :
    username: _es_anonymous_user
    roles: anonymous_user
    authz_exception: true

So I created an "anonymous_user" role with read privilege on every ("*") indices but it didn't change anything in Kibana nor in ES. I also tried to add "_anonymous" in the run as privileges section but it didn't work either.

While searching solutions on the internet, I found this topic. The last answer is 26 days old and the topic is still open, which let me think that the anonymous access as I want to implement, isn't yet available on the 7.1.1, whereas there is a documentation about it.

I also searched a few about the auto-authentification way, and the only solutions I found were using reverse proxys with nginx to work. Is there any other way which do not require an other server ?

Thanks guys for taking the time to answer me, and I'm sorry if my english is a bit approximative.

Unfortunately anonymous access isn't well supported in Kibana right now. You can follow this ticket for more information

At the moment, the only way to get anonymous access working while keeping security enabled is to put a reverse proxy in front of Kibana that will supply the basic auth header.

Thank you for your answer ! :slight_smile:

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