How to enable the security option on kibana under management

Hi Team,

I am using version details as ., ElasticSearch - 6.4.2 and Kibana - 6.4.2

Unable to see the security option on kibana under management which allows us to create users and roles

How is possible to enable such a security options user/role?

I would tried and refer the links below.,,

What license have you got? Security does require a commercial or trial license, so will not be available if you are using the Basic license.

Thanks @Christian_Dahlqvist for your reply.,

Is there any other way to enable the security options for trail license?
because i am just checking my security is enable or not in kibana.

If you have a trial license, security is enabled and you should see the relevant screens in Kibana. Look at the get license API I linked to and verify exactly which license you have got.

Thank so much @Christian_Dahlqvist for your reply.,

This my license details :

"license": {
"status": "active",
"uid": "fc04a61b-90fd-415e-925b-29589934715a",
"type": "trial",
"issue_date": "2018-12-06T11:33:55.077Z",
"issue_date_in_millis": 1544096035077,
"expiry_date": "2019-01-05T11:33:55.077Z",
"expiry_date_in_millis": 1546688035077,
"max_nodes": 1000,
"issued_to": "giggso",
"issuer": "elasticsearch",
"start_date_in_millis": -1

That looks good. Can you share your Elasticsearch and Kibana config?

@Christian_Dahlqvist are you asking my Elasticsearch and Kibana yml file?

You are probably looking for this documentation:

It sounds like you've already done the first part "Install a trial license" and need to follow Enable security in Elasticsearch.

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