How to enrich geolocation queries on-the-fly?

Hi all,

There are two use cases that I'm primarily interested in:

Instead of our users memorizing lat/long coordinates, I'd like to enrich their queries on the fly with geolocation data. Are there provisions baked into Elasticsearch for this, or should I just perform a database (or cache) lookup and retrieve the coordinates that way?

I'm just not sure if there's a way to index this in Elasticsearch and define the appropriate transformations somehow or not.

What geolocation data would you wish to enrich their query with? For example, their current lat/lon, the multipolygon that corresponds to their hometown (retrieved from their user profile in you system)?

For example,

If they pass in “30044”, I would like to enrich the query with the actual lat/long coordinates for that ZIP code. If the pass in something like “Atlanta Metro Area” I would like to enrich that with the multipolygon that corresponds to the Atlanta Metro area.

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