How to enroll elastic agent on image master to deploy 160 VDA Citrix Servers


i'am trying to enroll elastic-agent on Citrix's image master. When i deploy this image to my vda server, they are sharing the same id, so in the Fleet's menu, i can see only one VDA Server and the view is rotating on each vda server infinitly.
Before, i can do that with Winlogbeat without any problem, with this script in task scheduler :

  1. CMD /C "del /F /Q c:\ProgramData\winlogbeat*.*"
  2. CMD /C "copy C:\script\winlogbeat\winlogbeat.keystore C:\ProgramData\winlogbeat"

So have you a solution ?, or i must deploy with hand, elastic agent on my 160 VDA each time i rebuild my citrix catalog.

thx for answer

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