How to estimate the max query throughput

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My query QPS is less than 100, and was wondering what is the max possible throughput for the query.

The index has 16 shards (1 primary + 1 replica). The cluster has 11 nodes. Each node has 32 CPUs, 70G memory, 900G SSD drive. One query takes 5-10ms if I run it via kibana. If we run query sequentially, QPS is like 100.

Profiler shows that each query goes through 16 shards, so each node may need to query 2 shards.
Each node has 32 CPUs. The default search thread pool size is 3/2 * 32 = 48. So 48/2 = 24 such a query can run in parallel on a node. So the QPS with parallel query could be 4,800.

I can image given concurrency overhead or maybe some part of a query cannot be parallel. So the real QPS must be smaller than 4800.

However my QPS is 100. It is like there is no parallel at all... Is this expected?

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