How to execute a combined index search in Kibana / Elasticsearch?

I have two .csv files called Bus.csv & Tuk.csv and i have successfully imported these two files to elastcsearch. using kibana i can do the visualisation and search

How can execute a combined search/discover query using both documents data in Kibana ??

e.g - search
select * "Mobile Number" from (both csv) where "Amount > 1,000"

Bus.csv - Columns

  1. Mobile Number
  2. Age
  3. Amount

Tuk.csv - Columns

  1. Mobile Number
  2. Gender
  3. Amount
  4. Mobile Type

You will need an index alias across both indices that you then setup in Kibana as an index pattern.

how do i create index alias ?? any help be appreciated

Check out

Thanks and it working., :slight_smile:

  • now i need to remove duplicated and merge, is there a function in kibana for this !

Duplicate what? They're totally different records.

so in this files if you take column "Mobile Number" has some documents that are repeating.

e.g same Mobile number in both files

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