Is it possible combine two index together in Kibana

I have two index data which i am using in kibana.For that I created Visulazation as well and able to see Data in dashboard.

But challange is when i am filtering data for Index1 after clicking on +Button other index data is not appearing,Same thing is happening for Index2 as well.

Is it possible to combine both the index together.

Hello @AKumar123

Is the field and value available in both data sets?

Could you show the config for each visualization?

Value is same in both the Data Set,But Field name is different.If I make field name same it replaces the values.

I combine both the indexes with index* also..

I'd recommend creating a field alias on one index so that both sets of data can use the same field name -

can not create one Index becasue other data coming from different system.

Then you need to write an OR query that addresses both fields.

what is OR Query how can we achieve in UI Level

Use the search bar - fieldname: value OR fieldname: value

search is working fine for both indexes.Filter not working.

You need to click 'edit query dsl' - this PR has examples -

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