How to Execute Query to fetch inprogess processes

I have log 'analytics', which contains a list of events of process logs ( for eg: CRUD) that occured over a period of time. I am looking to find a set of records that were record added but not deleted from system.

document structure:

id, process_id, event, timestamp

where process_id is primary key of record, process events are 'create', 'read', 'delete', 'update'.

This is not easily possible as it requires correlating multiple documents which is essentially a join, something which isn't possible in Elasticsearch.

A way around this I've seen is to ingest the documents twice, once for a "event index" (the way you do it right now) and once as a "state index", using the process_id as the document id so it will always contain the most recent event. Then you can use a regular filter to search for the current state.

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