How to export beat name instead of hostname for field

I apologize if this is a duplicate, but I was unable to find a solution.

For the field of my beat's output, it is using my hostname instead of the beat name:


I have the shipper name set in my configuration file:

  name: "cassandrabeat"

yet it still outputs my hostname instead. Any suggestions on how to export my beat's name for the field?

Which particular beat is this for?

It's a beat I made called cassandrabeat.

What version of libbeat is cassandrabeat built upon? In 5.x (master branch) the config format has changed and name is no longer under shipper. See

Cassandrabeat is built upon libbeat version 5.0.0-alpha4. After changing my config file to the new config format the beat name is appearing correctly.


@bklise Glad it is working now. It would be nice if you could add cassandrabeat also to our community beats list: In addition, it sounds like cassandrabeat could be a potential addition to metricbeat: