How to export/import an ES snapshot to/from an external harddrive

We have our customers Filebeat/Winlogbeat data stored on our Elasticsearch instance. The customer has an Elasticsearch instance at their physical location which is the same version as ours. They wish to import this data into their Elasticsearch instance. My plan was to take a snapshot of the indices and export it to an external hard drive to deliver to them. If I did this would they be able to import the snapshot into their own cluster?

It sounds like you are basically wanting to do a repository backup. It should be fine as long as you follow the process in the docs to do that.

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Does Elasticsearch have an API to backup the repository? Also, this approach does not allow you to isolate particular indices, correct?

No, no API, you just copy the files over.

And yes you can select a subset of the indices when you take the snapshot.

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