How to extract data from a field and get the max values?


I'm new to Kibana (using version 6.4.2) and am trying to extract some values out of a field. This would require parsing the field to extract 3 numbers.

I could export this data out to a CSV, but seems that if I try and get more than 3 wks of data, I get a timeout error. Also, when I press the Share option, I don't see a CSV Reports option that is indicated in this tutorial:

Is there a way that I can pull out the numbers with more log entries?



You may not see the CSV export option if you are using the open source license. CSV exporting is available only in the free Basic license and higher.

If you are just trying to extract the numbers and find a value, you could all of that inside of Kibana using a scripted field to extract the value and a metric visualization.

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