How to extract data to csv easily in Kibana Discover tab

Hello there!

We usually have a lot of data and we hand it over to business people.
I was wondering if there is an easier way to extract the data from the Discover tab to a csv file.

We're using Kibana 4.5.1 and if you have a lot of data, you have to scroll it to the end in order to extract that data. It's taking too much time to scroll thousands of data before you can extract it and that's the problem.

If it's possible, we want to know if there's like one-click method in order to extract thousands of data from Kibana and it's much better if it can also extract more than 10,000 rows, because as we all know, Kibana can only show you up to maximum of 10,000 rows.

Any suggestions is appreciated.
Thank you!

There isn't a built in way to kibana right now. We have a ticket tracking it at, it's being worked on.

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