Kibana : 5.4.3 Not able to download more 500 rows in kibana csv exports

Hello, I am using kibana 5.4.3. I am trying to export data in scv file from kibana using raw format. I am only able to download 500 records in csv file. I also changed the default value of discover:sampleSize variable but still no luck. I saw few posts here and there about having a bug in 5.3 but my version is latest and later one to that. Can you please let me know what can be the proble?

Hi, how are you doing the CSV export? The CSV export feature for X-Pack Reporting was added in 6.0.0


No i am doing export raw. There are two options export raw and export format.

Oh, I see. You're looking at trying to export table visualization data into CSV.

Sorry, that's different from the Discover app, so the discover:sampleSize setting doesn't have a bearing there.

What kind of buckets aggregation are you using to split the table rows?

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