Trying to export data reports using Kibana discover but could not be able to export large no. of data

Hello Team,

I'm trying to download discover search data with some of my filters.
However, When I download I see that document limit in CSV is at 10,000 documents.
Any way or setting to increase document download limit?
I've tried with advanced discover option but that didn't help.

Getting below error,

Please help me resolve this so that I can download report with my whole data which have around 3 lacs documents.

Thank you!
Mangesh Mathe

Hey, I think you can increase your csv limit with this setting on the kibana.yml file. Something like:
xpack.reporting.csv.maxSizeBytes: 209715200

Thank you for your reply.
I have updated this and restarted Kibana, but this didn't help.

Which number have you set? does it only happen only when you are exporting from discover or does it also happen when you export from a visualization for example?

I have used this.
I have tried exporting from discover page only.
I want the raw data (each document with every fields), that's the reason I haven't tried with visualization. Because visualization will aggregate fields and count and will return result.

Mine was just an example, try to increase this limit to the number that the error says or above

If this is what you want, maybe exporting through kibana is not the best option because it has some limitations that you can not pass over, no matter how much you increase some settings.

For cases like this the best approach is to query elasticsearch directly with a query that has the aggregations you need.

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