Reporting - Generate CSV maximum limit

What is the limit on the logs downloaded using the "Generate CSV" report feature?
The first time I ran it, I successfully downloaded all 13,550 records that were shown in Discover.
Today, I ran the same search (24 hours) which showed about 17,000 records but it only downloaded 8,305 with a message of "completed - max size reached".
Every search I have tried since then has given me the same message, but I am hitting different limits... the next one cut off at 8,160.
What is the limit and is there any way to increase it?


The size limit is based on download size and not the record count. The threshold defaults to 10MB. You can adjust the value by setting xpack.reporting.csv.maxSizeBytes in your kibana.yml. The CSV job stores the exported CSV into elasticsearch so be cautious of increasing the size to extremely large numbers.

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