Questions about Kibana's CSV output limit(22000)

I have a question about the number of Kibana search results "CSV report" output.

I am generating a csv on the Kibana screen using the steps below.
But these methods can only output up to 22,000 results, which is bothering us

☆CSV output procedure
① Menu link on the top left of “Kibana Home”
② “Discover” link in the “Analytics” column
③ “CSV Report” link after clicking “Share” on the top right
④ “Generate csv”

If there is a way to output more than 22,000 items, could you please tell me the detailed steps?
Our environment is as below
Kibana 8.11.1 & Elasticseach 8.11.1 & Winlogbeat 8.11.1

i need your help
Thank you.


I would recommend having a look at this related thread. You can tweak the xpack.reporting.csv.maxSizeBytes setting for the above steps, but I would advise caution in doing that.

You can also try another approach such as splitting the request into smaller batches using tools such as a Python script of Logstash plugins, both of which are in there referenced thread.

Hope that helps!

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richmond san (In Japan, we add "san" to the names of people who are respect us. )

Thank you for your reply.
I'll try your advice.

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