How to export all data to csv?

I everyone,

I just want to export result from a vizualisation but when I export from "raw" of "csv" I could only get the first page of the export (for eg, if my visualisation is pagined into 500 pages how can I do ?)

I am not able to export all the values of all pages of this vizualisaiton .
Is there any setting to be able to achieve this ?

I am using Kibana & Es 5.3

Thanks By advance.

Are you saying that you see 500 pages in the table? Or, I guess some (I'm guessing) large number of pages.

And when you download the raw or formatted output, you only get the first page (10 records, by default anyway)?

I tried this in a later version of 5.x, and it worked as expected. That is, I got a couple thousand rows of output, which is all of the rows I see in the table. It's possible 5.3 had a bug, but I want to make sure I understand the problem you're seeing before I go digging.

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