Logs Export


I want to export one week of logs into an .csv or excel file. Is it possible to export the logs from the kibana console.

I can see that in a page around 500 events are appearing, couldn't find the option to export all the logs. Please suggest if any option available.

Best Regards-
Praveen K

There is no way to export raw records from Discover at this time (here is the issue tracking this), but you can export tables from Visualize. So if you can get your data into the table, then you can export it.

Thanks Tanya.

I tried exporting from the visualization, but only the JSON script or piece of code is coming up and not the information.

Best Regards-
Praveen K

You must be exporting the object definition from Settings. The export feature is a bit hard to locate - but it's done right from the visualization itself (see screenshots)

For the table itself, it should be right on the vis though:


Hi Tanya, which Kibana version you showed here has the logs export feature ? Thanks.