Exporting the logs to CSV file from a Saved search or Dashboard in Kibana version 5.4.1


I am using Kibana version 5.4.1

I would like query the logs based on a search term and export a few properties from the search results. e.g. Event Time and Event Description.

I could search it from the Discover tab, but I am not able to export that to a CSV (or any other format).

I could view the data in a Dashboard, but can't export from there either.

I tried creating a Data table from the visualization tab, but that does not return any results when i choose the Payload message as a split row. (all other options in the Field selection work).
My message is a string field. I don't want any aggregation to be done on it. But I don't see an option to create a Data table without aggregation. So i am leaving it to Count by default.

I tried the export plugin from https://minewhat.com/blog/elasticsearch-csv-exporter-for-kibana-discover/ . That does not seem to work either.

Is there any way i can export the information to a text or CSV file?

Thanks in advance.

not in that version, but exporting to csv is available as a part of x-pack basic in 6.0


Thanks Peter.
Can i create a Visualization with the message field and export?
I am having problems with that as well as mentioned in the post above.


you mean something like this ?

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