Export search results

I am using Kibana6.2.2, I have a dashboard with some visualizations (Tag cloud) that are used like filters that changes a saved search block on the same dashboard. I want to export the search results to a csv, txt or whatever file. How can this be done in Kibana? Is there any plugin to handle this? I tried the reporting function of X-pack but it does not do the job I want.



The Reporting function in x-pack should be able to export to csv. What issues did you encounter with it?

It can only export to pdf with no csv option and it exports all the visualization blocks in the dashboard I want to export only one block which is the search results.

The CSV export does not work on dashboards, it only works on the Discover page. You open your saved search there and then you should have a "Generate CSV" button in the Reporting menu.

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