Exporting the discover data (Saved Search) in CSV

Hi all,

I am very new to kibana and started learning the basics.
Currently I am working in kibana 6. My requirement i have to create a search in which we can sort or filter on any column we and export the search data to CSV or Excel.
I am finding the option for sorting & exporting in visualization, but my requirement here is i have to provide the sorting, filtering and exporting option on a saved search. Basically when the user opens the saved search he should to able to sort or filetr on any column he want and export the data to CSV.

Any suggestion or help on this will be really helpful to me.

Thanks in advance

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For filtering the users can just click on the small magnifying glass with the + for filtering for that value or the one with the - for filtering out the value.

You can see it in the image below, they show up on mouseover on the value.

Hi marius,
Thanks a lot for the reply.
Now i am clear with the filtering and sorting part.
My Main concern export the search data into CSV file.
In the Kibana configured on my client machine iam able to find this export data option in visualization & dashboard but not in discover. I have to export the data i got in discover.
I have gone through various forums and some other youtube tutorials i have seen one option called reporting through which they are generating CSV file, but iam unable to see that option in the kibana configured on my client machine.

Could you please help me on this

You need to have X-Pack installed on your machine to get CSV exporting.

Thanks a lot for the info marius
Could you please brief me about the X-Pack?

You can get more info here:

Thanks a lot
have a great day ahead

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