Exportable Searches when added in a dashboard

Hi all,
I built a dashboard and I added a saved search order to display the details of the data.

Is it possible in some way to export that search to csv from the dashboard in the same way as table visualizations? image

Thank you

It looks like you have to go back to Discover and use CSV export from Reporting from there. For whatever reason, there is no control to do that from within the dashboard.

Hi Joe,
Thank you for your reply.
The problem I have is that the search is embedded in a read only dashboard, so the user that needs to export the search is not able to go to a Discovery....

Another option is to make a table visualization and making some aggregations, but the problem is that some fields I need to display are of type text, and therefore "not-aggregable".

Any idea/workarround will be very welcome


I don't think there is a workaround. You could always open a feature request on the issue tracker though.

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