Reporting - CSV Export - how to export within dashboard?



I have a saved search embedded in my dashboard. I use other visualizations for filtering and I would like to export the filtered results of the saved search.

Is there a way to do this? Thanks, Andreas

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CSV export only works from Discover right now. You could pin the filters and switch over to Discover.


pinning filters... Are they only active for my session, or do I effect other users?
We are using basic license.

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Pinned filters are only active on your session and do not effect other users. Pinned filter state is contained in the URL so if you share a URL with pinned filters than other users can use them


thats sound good so far.

Other question which comes in my mind:
if I have a filter pinned and save a

  • visualisation
  • dashboard.

Will the filter and it's status be saved to the above mentioned objects?

(Nathan Reese) #6

The pinned filter will be saved in the above objects. The only caveat is that when opened, the filter will be provided but will no longer be a pinned filter. This was be design so opening a dashboard or visualization will not mess with the state of kibana.

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