Loose of "pinned filter" when switching from dashboard to Discover (when using "Saved queries")

I used saved queries and it is quite useful for me ! :slight_smile:
But it brings me a drawback as newly pinned filter are erased when going from dashboard to Discover .

Example :
I open my "personalFilter" in Dashboard which add several filters in my bar
Then, I add another filter in my bar, and declare it as "pinned"
Then I switch to Discover
=> my newly created filter dissappear :-(:grimacing:

Do you know how to keep this pinned filter without saving it directly in Dashboard ? (I need to test it in Discover before saving it !)

I am quite astonished to be alone with this issue :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Does nobody have any problem with this filter "Pin" option ??
Perhaps Kibana is not the good forum to post in ?

Hey @Sebastien_Taniere, would you mind creating a feature request for pinned and saved queries?

Hello @Brandon_Kobel,
ok, thank you for suggestion
done with this issue : https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/53258

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