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Here is another post concerning the need for a persistent search bar like the pinned filters when jumping from one dashboad to another dashboard.

Am I really the only one in the world thinking that this would be great?


I think many users have dashboards that use data from different indices and in that case keeping the query in the search bar from one dashboard to another wouldn't make sense. But if you create filters you can pin those and they'll stay from one dashboard to another.

Maybe we should have a button in the UI to pin the search in the query bar?

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Thanks for quick response!
Well, the most logic implementation, in my perspective, would be a global setting like the setting for pinning filters by default. In the analytics world many dashboards use the same index (aka business cube), so when navigating between dashboards it is logical to keep focus through pinned filters and a pinned search string.

You taught me something new. I didn't realize there was a setting to have filters pinned by default!

I agree that it would be good to be able to pin queries and also to have a global setting to have them pinned by default.

Would you like to create the enhancement issue? If not, I'll do it.


Indeed there is, and excactly this point makes me wonder how the pinned search bar managed to crawl under the radar all that time :wink:
I would be happy if you would post the enhancement issue, then I will be the first to give it a like!

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I totally support this. Setting filters:pinnedByDefault to true is the first thing I do after installing Kibana. This allows multiple dashboards to be used together similar to a single-page app. Markdown can be used for the links between dashboards, and clever creation of the those links can even be used to clear the pinned filters when changing "apps" (i.e. collections of dashboards). Providing a similar mechanism for the query bar would make this even better.


For information, we built in persistency of the searchbar using outside editing of the url when shifting from one dashboard to another. It makes a huge difference to the user experience when operating with filters and searches combined.

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