Saving frequently used user favourite filters

Hi guys,

How can I save a favourite filter like a drop-down list? (NOT a QUERY!)
Are there any plugins for such purposes?

By filter you mean one of the filter pills below the search bar on top of dashboards?

It's currently not possible to save and load them individually (just all of them together with the query as a "saved query"), but I can think of a workaround which might be a good fit for your case:

  • Create the filter pills you commonly need
  • Pin them so they won't get lost when navigating around
  • Disable them so they won't be applied initially
  • Save a bookmark of the current URL and use it load Kibana in your browser

Pinned filters are stored in the URL, so if you pin them and bookmark the current URL, it will include your "saved" filters. When you go back to Kibana at some point using the bookmark, your pinned filters will still be there. As they are disabled by default, you can use Kibana as usual - if you need one of them, you can simply enable it.

Thank you.

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